March 29, 2010











This is I. Mixed media wall of light.


March 29, 2010

Last night I went to see a girlfriend and a teacher perform along with ten other performers who danced and perfomed into the wee ours of the night, we entered their romance soaked world with a late night, light-bulb swinging, liquor sipping, dance lessons during interval… Late night louche…

Featuring Salon stars from Melbourne, Sydney, London, Paris and Brisbane and supported through the Australia Council for the Arts, Dance Board.

March 29, 2010

Peter Dungey has just inspired an  ‘ Art of Urban Zen Moment’ for me!

Put a garden in your urban mind and

let the road to happiness begin to illuminate

your every step in everything you do.

The Klunk Garden by gelitin

Or put your mind and body into the urban garden as these artists have done!

March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

A hike worth making…  image and film from an inspirational centre of the performing arts based in Poland. The Grotowski Institute, in Wroclaw.

Laboratorium KARAWANA


A workshop by Reny Mireckiej.  A workshop environment to explore personal and group dynamics in a nurturing and hospitable environment. Participants have been asked to bring an instrument, a shawl and a flower as an offering to the first class.


Two strong women on the floor. Nothing better.

Grotowski taking a training class with two students at the “Laboratorium” Wroclaw 1972





Peter Brook the man.

2009 – Meeting with Peter Brook devoted to his book With Grotowski. Theatre is Just a Form. Photo taken at the Grotowski Institute. Wroclaw, Poland.

Peter Brooks new work for 2010 and of which has had developmental production time at the Grotowski Institute

March 28, 2010





My interests include the actor, dialogue, the actors body, & others,  my relationship to space and object ,  the world around me . The meaning of movement is contextual to who we move with or who we move for.  Movement meaning is created as we are watched or responded to with other movement.  Action and reaction become the crucible for creating meaning between two people.  With shared meaning comes truth, common belief, and, ultimately, the creation of knowledge.  A story illuminated, a piece of theatre created.




























I make my way through the wilderness of this vast and expansive landscape and make what I can of it






Hiking In Stilettos