April 18, 2010


Diego Stocco is an innovative sound designer and composer living in LA. His passion for nature and composition are here combined, creating something unique and organic. Diego has composed music entirely from the sounds of a tree, sand and a bonsai.
Here is music from sand! Spectacular!


Miska Knapek


Windcuts is a series of projects by designer miska knapek that converts weather data into  physical objects. The series converts data which is measured by a wind sensor into three-dimensional arrangements.
This is then made physical through a CNC milling machine.
The wind sensor measures direction, velocity and temperature of wind patterns an the form is generated through digital modeling.
The winds direction is defined by the line. The wind speed is defined by the width. The temperature is the height.


Studio Jo Meesters


A collection consisting of a table, chair, four pendant light fixtures and a cabinet.

A collection of post consumer vessels and furniture made from paper waste and discarded vessel moulds. The main focus is  experimentation on rejuvenation using alternative material made from discarded  paper waste. A combination of up cyled card-board panels and old newspapers with epoxy and polyurethane. Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

The Process

The shredded paper, glue and water combination is applied in several layers around the outside of the vessel moulds. Once dried the new structure is cut in half for easy removal from the mould. The pieces are glued back together and another layer of pulp mixture is added. The inside of the new vessels are treated with an epoxy resin which now present a strong and water resistant coating.
and thats what I thought was too good to ignore!


‘Around the World in 24hrs; A global collaboration documenting the suns first sunrise as it moves around the world’

‘Take an awe inspiring photo of the sunrise on the day decided, upload your image onto the easy to use website and be part of a global project.’

Ok. My pitch is a photographic, global, site specific work which involves following the natural movement of the sun as it rises from the first light on earth and gradually rises across the continents around the world within its 24 hour cycle.

eg. Image of sunrising over Melbourne, Australia at 6.45 this morning.


And then approximately 8 hours later an image of sunrise through Paris, France at 6am their time,

and so forth and so forth.

As this project is global  it will need international participants from around the world. All people and all nationalities appreciating and interacting with subject and location  to create a sense of understanding for the people and the world we live in.

I’m thinking about naming it  ‘ To follow the Sun in 24hrs’ or ‘Chasing the Sun in 24hrs’ or ‘Around the World in 24hrs; A global collaboration documenting the suns first sunrise as is moves around the world’.

To get this up on its feet I will need to:

Create a website

Where clearly states the purpose of the project.

Create an online portfolio, where the public can follow the  before, during and after process.

Create an easy to use step by step guide, clear &  user friendly.

I will need people, lots of people!


This project is about public participation so I will need a strong focus on recruitment,  it will need fantastic adverstising to ensure the reach out to continents around the world.

Adverstise project on global blogs

Create a facebook event page, maybe in several languages. The three most used.

Create a members list to aquire a sense of interest and numbers.

Users Will need to just want to have fun and get out of their comfort zone! Be  inspired by the sun, the environment,  global village,  art,  photography, want to be involved in an artistic collaboration.

For it to gain momentum it will need to grab peoples attention and will need to have important key grabbers such as –  fun, easy to use, interactive, collaborative, well advertised, awe inspiring, conscious of the planet, rewarding and moral building for the community, do i think this project has what it takes? YES!

Now that I really think about it this project needs … a cause to support :

I would like to create one more dimension, perhaps support a cause. This could be the icing this cake needs! I’m proposing  to create a link to the web site, where you can add your vote/ petition to an environmental cause and  make a difference.  The web page will not only gain participants & now… petition lodgers!

So what I am proposing is a link that takes you to an eco petition page against something happening in the environment which will then be lodged to the UN or something. So the moral of the story is yes we are global, yes we are connected by the natural elements, yes we have access to the web and wish to use it in a constructive community, global village project, and yes by joining in support of this project and following the link you can also do something to make a difference! Do you love it?!

What could the link be directed to?

The link may be to Save our forests

Nature and animal conservation

Coral Reefs

Climate Change and Global Warming

This project is lonely…..I need a partner….??? Anyone??? Hello….


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