May 19, 2010

‘Chasing the Sun; A 24hr adventure around the world’

International photogrpahic art project

Taka a picture on the given day, upload onto our website & watch as your photograph becomes accessabile for viewing by location on geo maps for the entire world to see

Public voting available for photographic submitions

Will you get the vote?

And a moment longer of the participants time to make a difference & sign a petition to help a worthy cause

* Several global concern petitions will then pop up

Some examples of eco-pro campaigns:

Save our forests, nature and animal conservation, coral reefs, climate change and global warming, etc.

Our concept is: “At the sunrise comes a new beginning”

Concept: To create a project that merges photography, technology & our passion for global village. This  project  offers the user the opportunity to explore location, subject  & a common goal.  Creating a sense of appreciation for the natural world & the people in it as one world, one global voice with one common thread, the sun.

Objectives: To create a global interactive project with participants from the global community. Inviting the everyday person to relate and reveal something of their location. Giving the opportuinity to help an enviromental cause.


-No prize. no competition-

-Prizes: For winners around the world: Cameras / Photo spread in magazines

Voting: -A 1-5 star marking system without showing the number of votes; this way we are balancing the photographs marks.

-Time limit to upload deleted. You are free tu upload the picture only the day of the event.

-Voting will be for users and guests, users can’t vote their work. 1 vote per photograph. Voting will be left open until 2 weeks after the event day.

-The web page will have a geo-tag system. There is going to be a Google-Earth plug-in to follow the progress with a more detail. Photographs can be sorted by city, country, continent, etc.

What will these photographs reveal about one another and our relationship to our locations?

The Target Audience

We are focusing mainly on people between the ages of 17 up to 35 who are interested in photography, global, surfs  blogs, social networks, and are aware of  environmental concerns.

For starters, the project could gain a lot of followers via social networks. If enough support is gained, the project can continue developing. An good example of these massive global campaigns is the WWF’s “Earth Hour” ( )in which several countries turned  lights off at the same hour the same day.


Artists design a table which allows users to reflect on their working routine by drawing their pattern
of behaviour

Jacek Barcikowski, Jennifer Kay + Martina Pagura:


wow, this is interesting….

design students jacek barcikowski, jennifer kay and martina pagura from the
copenhagen institute of interaction design have collaboratively developed ‘sidetrack’,
a table which allows users to reflect on their working routine by drawing their pattern
of behaviour. here sensors are placed in areas one wishes to observe, while the marker
records the user’s movement from space to space. incorporating the mechanics of an old
printer and a bang & olufsen turntable, this handcrafted design becomes a visual narrator
of the intangible pockets of time and energy one dedicates to working.